Scholarship applications for next year will open in July 2016


  • Females, 12 years of age and above at 31/01/2017
  • Girls and young women who are long-term (continuing) Australian residents
  • Females who have initiative and passion and are committed to achieving a dream in their field of choice

Applications close on 5pm AEST on the 17 November 2016 (winners announced February 2017). Scholarships will be awarded, at the discretion of the Foundation, to applicants who best demonstrate their aspirations to succeed in their chosen pursuit and how financial and moral support would further their education or personal development and the community.

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  • Academia & Education
    If you are seeking support for vocational, technical or professional instruction and are an Australian resident then we would welcome your application. Example: Vicky Okot, Paediatrics

  • Arts, Music & Entertainment
    Whether you enjoy the creative or the technical side of Arts, Music or Entertainment, we would like to hear about your passion in this field of pursuit and how you think your vision and talent could be assisted by the Layne Beachley Foundation. Example:Shaelee Rooke, Theatre Production

  • Business & Leadership
    In a competitive environment, developing business and taking on a leadership role requires commitment and determination. The Foundation is keen to support emerging women in business where financial support and mentoring could make an enormous difference to the project and to its surrounding community. Example: Maddison O’ Gradey-Lee, Young Leader.

  • Science, Technology & Innovation
    The Foundation would like to encourage women back into Science, to support Technology and to inspire girls and women to see their potential and to drive Innovation. Example: Arielle Tickner-Smith, Environmental Science

  • Environment & Sustainability
    One of the most important challenges of our Century. The Foundation supports endeavours to create awareness, to educate, inspire, and walk the talk in their community to create grass roots up solutions. Example: Parrys Raines, Climate Girl

  • Culture & Community
    Our sense of culture and community are fundamental elements of who we are and what our voice is. We are keen to understand how you grow this value and what this allows you to become in your chosen field of pursuit. Example: Katie Yeomans, Indigenous Nursing

  • Sport
    Sport is one of The Foundations original cornerstones and continues to attract a wide range of girls and women from Running, Cricket, Gymnastics, Motor-Racing to Hockey, Rowing and BMX Racing. Example:
    Caroline Buchanan, BMX

  • Foundation
    In recognition of where it all started for Layne, this year the Foundation will be awarding the inagrual 'Foundation Scholarship' specifically for girls and young women living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Click here for more information


As well as receiving a $4,000 grant recipients will also have access to: 

    • Two day Leadership Workshop in Sydney (domenstic flights and accommodation provided)
    • A dedicated mentor for monthly one-to-one sessions
    • Stars2Leaders Online Program, which includes a series expert interviews around the topics of goal setting, resilience and financial planning as well as online resources plus snippets of inspiration from Layne and our Alumni to keep you focused.


Applicants must apply online. NOTE! Our system does not save applications unless you have 'cookies' enabled on your computer. It is suggested that you turn this function on AND prepare your responses in a word document and save it to your computer (just incase). You can then cut and paste your answers into the online application form.  

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