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Naomi Leigh Adams (Gnomie, Gnomes)

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Naomi_Lee_AdamsName: Naomi Leigh Adams (Gnomie, Gnomes)

Pursuit: Road Cycling

When did you start?
Summer 1994. Mum was told it was a cheap sport and that all you had to do was bring your dinky along and cruise around the track! Ten years and a few bikes later Mum is kicking herself for being fooled!

Career highlight or biggest achievement?
Representing Australia at the 2003 and 2005 Australian Youth Olympic Festival.

What is your dream?
To be an Olympic and World Representative, and to one day achieve gold in my chosen discipline of Road Cycling.

Who or what have inspired you?
My mum inspires me.

Who's your hero?
Lance Armstrong - to have testiculi the size of tennis balls due to his cancer, and then to come to win six (and probably seven) back to back Tour de France's after recovering is amazing. Not only that but he would rather be known as a cancer survivor, and has started his own Cancer Foundation known as LiveStrong. He ought to be congratulated!

Any other special talents?
I used to be part of my primary school circus, and learnt to walk on stilts - one metre off the ground!

Favourite Music?
Top 40 - Yes so typically teenagerish!

Favourite Movie?
The Notebook

Favourite Book?
The 'Harry Potter' series

Favourite TV Show?
Definitely 'The O.C' - Plus I get told that I look remarkably like Summer!

Favourite Food?
The 'Special Chicken Curry' I cook, my boyfriend's 'Sherpard's Pie', Barramundi topped with prawns in creamy coconut, chilli and garlic sauce.

How the grant will help you/how will you use the money?

Last words: Quote or Motto you live by?
'Never, never, never give up' - Winston Churchill.