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Joanne Brigden Jones

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Jo-thumbName: Joanne Brigden Jones

Pursuit: Canoe Sprint Team

Joanne is a member of the Australian Canoe Sprint Team and an aspiring Olympic Gold medalist.  In 2009, Jo competed for Australia at World Cups in Poznan, Poland and Szeged, Hungary where she finished in the top six on each occasion. At the 2009 Sprint Canoe World Championships in Halifax, Canada, Jo competed in four events, finishing 8th in the women’s K1  500m, 7th in the women’s K1 1000m, 6th in the women’s K4 200m and 5th in the women’s K1 200m relay. Although ‘Sprint Canoe’ is an Olympic sport it is totally ‘amateur’ and does not have a high profile therefore struggle to attract sponsorship dollars. Joanne’s goal for this year is to be a world championship medalist in the K1 500m on her journey to represent Australia at the Olympic Games in 2012.

When did you start?
I started kayaking in 2001 because I got selected in a talent identification squad. I was selected from the try out because I showed potential and my body type was suited to kayaking.

Career highlight or biggest achievement?
Making 4 ‘A’ finals at the 2009 World Championships in Dartmouth, Canada. I placed 5th in the K1 200m relay, 6th in the K4 200m, 7th in the K1 1000m and 8th in the K1 500m. No other Australian female has made 4 finals at their World Championship debut.

What is your dream?
To become an Olympic Gold medallist and to inspire the next generation of Australian athletes

Who or what have inspired you?

Who's your hero?
Layne Beachley & Libby Trickett

Any other special talents?
I also compete in surf life saving competitions, racing surf skis. At the 2009 National titles I finished 3rd in the female double ski, 4th in the mixed double ski and the single ski relay.

Favourite Music?
I enjoy a bit of everything

Favourite Movie?
Cool runnings

Favourite Book?

Favourite TV Show?

Favourite Food?
Chocolate and strawberries

How the grant will help you/how will you use the money?
I will put the money received from the grant towards my new kayak. My old kayak was been transported in a truck to the National Championships when the truck was involved in an accident,leaving my $5000 kayak in 3 pieces.

Last words: Quote or Motto you live by?
“What you can achieve is limited solely by your imagination. If you can dream it, you can do it”