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Anabelle Smith

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Anabelle-Smith-to-accompany-bioName: Anabelle Smith

Pursuit: Diving

Aim for the Stars 2012 London Squad Anabelle is in her sixth year of diving and has come a long way in the past 3 years. She recently achieved one of her major goals by not only competing at the Commonwealth Games but winning a bronze medal! Anabelle also became the national champion in 3 metre at the Open Nationals in December 2010 and has since been selected in the National Squad and into the AIS program. She is working hard this year in order to best prepare herself for 2012 Olympic selections!

When did you start?
I started in 2005

Career highlight or biggest achievement?
winning Commonwealth Games bronze medal

What is your dream?
My dream is to win an Olympic Gold medal

Who or what have inspired you?

Who's your hero?
My heroes are all sport athletes who have achieved amazing things

Any other special talents?
I am pretty good at athletics, netball and soccer too!

Favourite Music?
pop and R'n'B

Favourite Movie?

Favourite Book?

Favourite TV Show?

Favourite Food?

How the grant will help you/how will you use the money?
The grant will help towards costs for training equipment (i.e. wristguards and tape), travelling and airfare expenses for training camps as well as recovery services.

Last words: Quote or Motto you live by?
"Success rewards hard work and determination"