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Amy Clements

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Amy-thumbName: Amy Clements

Pursuit: Music

Amy has a very strong passion and love for performance music. Amy plays a number of instruments including  flute, piccolo, oboe, piano, viola and drums and says that “music is for life and my life is going to be music” Amy travels from Bundaberg to Brisbane for her lessons (a round trip of ten hours) and during this time has been a member of the Queensland Youth Orchestra Wind Ensemble and the Young Conservatorium of Music where she performs as Principal Flute for Symphony Orchestra and Principal Oboe for the Wind Orchestra. At the end of 2009, Amy was one of only four to gain a scholarship to attend the Pacific Honours Ensemble in Seattle, USA. Amy will study the Bachelor of Music program in 2010 and her ambition after study is to perform as a soloist with world renowned orchestras in the great music halls of Europe.

When did you start?
I began learning music in Grade 3, at Bundaberg East State School on viola. In Grade 5, I was given the opportunity to take up a second instrument and I chose the flute. I still remember my mum saying, only if I gave up choir, which I did for a short period of time, it wasn’t long before I was playing two instruments, singing back in the senior choir and performing on school parade with the recorder band. Through out the years, I have learnt to play a number of other instruments, these being the piccolo, piano, drums and oboe.

Career highlight or biggest achievement?
The highlight of my career so far has been to audition and successfully gain a position within the Griffith University Young Conservatorium program to attend the 31st Western International Band Clinic in Seattle, Washington, USA. I was one of only four people from Australia to attend this program, which was held in November 2009. Upon arrival in Seattle I was honoured to have been allocated principal player in the “Firebird Band”, which was the top band.

What is your dream?
My dream is to continue my studies, by completing my Honours and Masters degree. My ultimate goal to is perform as a soloist touring and performing with world renowned orchestras, such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the great music halls of Europe and the world. With the continued ambition of also recording a CD one day.

Who or what have inspired you?

Who's your hero?
My hero is the flautist, Michael Cox. He is Professor of Flute at the Royal Academy of Music in London and I recently had the opportunity to attend one of his recitals in Melbourne.

Any other special talents?
I believe that everyone has a special gift or talent and I have been very fortunate the have found something that I am truly passionate about and that is music, music is my life and my life is music. I do however, enjoy photography. In a way it’s documenting my life so I can look back on it in many years to come and remember the places that I have been and the good times that went with them.

Favourite Music?
I thoroughly enjoy listening to classical music. I also like listening to the pop charts on the radio, as well as some other genres of music

Favourite Movie?
“The Secret “ (a Taiwanese movie with some brilliant piano skills), is my favourite movie.

Favourite Book?

Favourite TV Show?

Favourite Food?
My favourite food would have to be nachos.

How the grant will help you/how will you use the money?
This grant has enabled me to begin my studies at a tertiary institute. Without it, I just wouldn’t have been able to attend the Victorian College of Arts and Music in Melbourne, were I successfully auditioned and replaced a placing into the Bachelor of Music program. The funding has made it possible for me to accept the position and to opportunity to balance my studies, music practice and the flexibility to be able to attend concerts and recitals, thus furthering my skills and knowledge to development myself as a musician.

Last words: Quote or Motto you live by?
My quotation on life is “You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough!”