Ame Barnbrook


Name: Ame Barnbrook

Pursuit: Athlete with a Disability - Sailing

Ame was born with a rare condition called Phocoamelia. She was born with only the lower half of her left leg, a small foot and three toes she uses for eating, writing, playing the trumpet and her first love sailing. Ame is a shining example of the limitless possibilities of the human spirit! Utilizing her three toes Ame manipulates servos to steer and control and sailing craft. She has had spectacular success in the sport and has a long list of competitive achievements, awards and titles across many titles of boat. Ame is currently in the development squad for the London Paralympics in 2012 and with limitations on the ability to effectively train in her home town, Ame will use the Aim for the Stars grant funding for travel and accommodation to training in Sydney. Within the sport of sailing Ame has engendered an undercurrent of awareness of the abilities and spirit of the disabled, when afforded the opportunity and support to exceed their limitations.

When did you start? When did you start? I started sailing at age 7 and competed at first Nationals at age 8

Career highlight or biggest achievement? 2000 – Received Australian Sports Award 2008 – Recipient at National Disability Awards (Young Go Getter) 2008 – IFDS Worlds 4th place 2010 – IFDS Worlds 4th place

What is your dream? To win gold for Australia at the Paralympics

Who or what have inspired you?

Who's your hero? Kurt Fearnl

Any other special talents? I’ve completed 6th grade on trumpet I’m a Uni graduate I can tie pasta in knots with my tongue! 6. Favourite Music? Mexiacn/Latin/Pop

Favourite Music?

Favourite Movie? Blind Side

Favourite Book?

Favourite TV Show?

Favourite Food? Italian

How the grant will help you/how will you use the money? Travel and accommodation towards training sessions in Sydney while campaigning for the 2012 Paralympics

Last words: Quote or Motto you live by? “Just Keep Swimming” Dory in Finding Nemo