Announcing our 2012 Grant Recipients

Feb 01 2012

We received a record number of applications this year from some inspirational females around the country. The standard was extremely high and once again our Board of Directors was faced with a very tough decision. The Foundation is delighted to be able to offer support to and proud and excited to introduce our successful grant recipients for 2012:

Individual Grant Recipients:
  • Shannon La-Vey (Social Work)
  • Mikayla Barber (Trick Riding and Liberty Horse Performing)
  • Georgia Miansarow (Rowing)
  • Carly Findlay (Public Speaking and Education in living with Chronic Illness)
  • Juliana Bahr-Thomson (Triathlon)
  • Katie Beveridge (Womens Forum on Health & Wellbeing)
  • Fatumata Kennah (Shoe Making)
Kick-Start Grant Recipients:
  • Gracelyn Baird (Education and Gymnastics)
  • Caitlin Wood (Motorsport)
  • Eden Tarvit (Artistic Gymnastics)
  • Madison Coster (Kayaking)
  • Elodie Rosseau (Acrobatic Gymnastics)
Environmental Grant Recipients
  • Linh Do (Environment/Sustainable Development)
  • Caitlin Newport (Marine Biology)


Athlete with a Disability Grant Recipients:
  • Kobie Donovan (Track & Field)
  • Nicole Harris (Alpine Skiing and Basketball)
Academic Grant Recipients:
  • Nadine Dimitrievitch (Theatre)
  • Louise Robinson (On going education to qualify for career in drug and alcohol support)
Group Grant Recipient:
  • Ingrid Dunkerley, Annelise Olsson and Melanie Byrne (Acrobatic Gymnastics)
Encouragement Grants for Elite Athletes aspiring to Olympic Team selection:
  • Hannah Davis (Sprint Kayakaing)
  • Jody Henry (Athletics)
  • Chloe Hosking (Road Cycling)
  • Kelly McGrath (Boxing)
  • Jane Moran (Water Polo)
  • Tarren Otte (Synchronized Swimming)
  • Olivia Price (Sailing)
  • Anabelle Smith (Diving)
  • Nicky Souter (Sailing)
  • Hannah Thek (Diving)
  • Chloe Turner (Triathlon)
Encouragement Grant Recipients:
  • Lilly Pollard (Body Boarding)
  • Alexandra Fitch (Snowboarding)
  • Meghan Rutledge (Motocross)
  • Amanda Fowler (Multi-Class Swimming)
Equipment Grant Recipients:
  • Tiannah List (Athletics)
  • Kayla Whinray (Marathon Canoeing)
To the girls and women who applied but did not receive a grant this year, your commitment and dedication to your pursuit is excellent and we hope you will stay in touch and encourage you to apply again this year (applications close November 2012) Please update your resume and share with us the progress you have made throughout the year toward achieving your goals. We look forward to hearing of your future successes.
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